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How to let go and get what you truly need

letting go

The art of a fulfilled life is the art of "letting'': letting in, letting out, letting go. - Ernst Ferstl My whole life, I craved love and perfection. The stakes were so high that I find it hard to relax.  I need to do it all. But it's not easy...

I have waited for the love of my life, until now…

I always thought I knew what true love felt like, but not until I discovered I was living a terrible lie. From a young age in puberty, I structurally cherished a deep romantic love for someone. I was convinced of my willingness to love that person if they could only...

About Me

About Me

Hi there! My name’s Sadja Faili and I’m a Netherlands-based holistic blogger. Nice to meet you and welcome to my world!

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