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How Gratitude and Meaning in Life Overcome Depression

gratitude and meaning of life

Modern Western Science found an interesting link between decreasing depression and higher levels of gratitude and meaning in life. It was already known for decades that positive life events contribute to the remission and recovery of depression. But now we know what generates these positive life events. Research so far...

This happens when you do meditation

meditation and time perception

The Power of Meditation We all know about the power of the ancient practice of meditation. Science already has discovered multiple benefits from meditation like improved attention, decreases in rumination, improvements in cognitive flexibility and working memory capacity, reductions in reactivity, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. But there is more to...

How to open you heart and heal your wounds

how to open your heart

Do you want to experience more love and bliss and reconnect to your highest self? With the use of a heart opener meditation, you can remove blockages around your heart space and heal yourself. Deepak Chopra created a 7-step meditation to open your heart to connect with your heart's energy. ...

How yoga helps you to stay sane during the pandemic

How yoga helps you to stay sane during the pandemic

The high pressures of Western society are a great source of loads of emotional, mental, and physical stress. In particular during the COVID-19 pandemic, which we are all experiencing now. People are suffering from anxiety and depression more than ever. People may have lost their jobs, live in uncertainty, relationships...

I have waited for the love of my life, until now…

I always thought I knew what true love felt like, but not until I discovered I was living a terrible lie. From a young age in puberty, I structurally cherished a deep romantic love for someone. I was convinced of my willingness to love that person if they could only...

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