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How to Manifest Your Intentions With Reiki for the year 2023

reiki intention

Manifestation is all about calling something into your life through your energetic actions. And, Reiki is all about tapping into universal life force energy and channeling those vibrations for your highest good — or the highest good of others. Because both practices are energetic by nature, they are a great...

How to let go and get what you truly need

letting go

The art of a fulfilled life is the art of "letting'': letting in, letting out, letting go. - Ernst Ferstl My whole life, I craved love and perfection. The stakes were so high that I find it hard to relax.  I need to do it all. But it's not easy...

How yoga helps you to stay sane during the pandemic

How yoga helps you to stay sane during the pandemic

The high pressures of Western society are a great source of loads of emotional, mental, and physical stress. In particular during the COVID-19 pandemic, which we are all experiencing now. People are suffering from anxiety and depression more than ever. People may have lost their jobs, live in uncertainty, relationships...

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About Me

Hi there! My name’s Sadja Faili and I’m a Netherlands-based holistic blogger. Nice to meet you and welcome to my world!

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